• Born in Athens on May 1, 1944. Her parents are actress Malaina Anousaki and lyric tenor and star of the inspection Evangelos Anousakis.
  • When she was sixteen years old she went to the Drama School of the National Theatre as an exceptional talent. She Appeared in the film «The red lanterns» and turned away from the school. Later abandoned, the decision of the Director Thanos Kotsopoulos and returned.
  • At the same time she accepted the invitation and went to FOX “Tsinetsita” to study with teachers Carol Reed, Rex Harrison, Richard Bard, Monica Vitti et There she completed her studies, but she played in the film by K. Reed «Agony and Ecstasy». What Followed was a significant career in theater film and television.
  • Since the 80s, she is elected with PASOK. Her husband is the director and cinematographer Dimitris Papakonstantis.


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